Who Are You?: Mark Corcoran

Where Are You?: Dublin, Ireland

What Are You?: musician in an IT job who wants to be a writer

What do you make?: music, the dinner, a mess

What do you love?: Anna, my friends, my guitars, my family, music, my books, my cd collection (Hey, there is no order of preference!)

What do you hate?: scumbags, people who hassle other people for no good reason. conflict, intolerance, all forms of violence, cruelty, all the usual bad things, I suppose.

What do you listen to?: jazz, non jazz (don't want to limit it to categories, anything I like). I'm a sucker for a good melody in a sad song.......Anything with guitars

What do you watch?: Frasier, the news, the Simpsons, the odd film

What do you drink?: Tea, Coffee, Beer, red wine, water.

What do you smoke?: the odd joint

What do you take?: see What do you drink?

What do you believe in?: Music, an essential goodness in people (maybe I'm naive...) Creativity. God, probably. I'd like to believe in Heaven but not Hell.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: a farm in Glassamuckey, Dublin, very much out in the sticks

What were you?: student in seconary school, so shy

What did you wear?: school uniform, jeans, t shirts, clothes that didn't draw attention to themselves

What did you listen to?: American guitar bands, I think, moving away from Bon Jovi and discovering some real rock at this time.

What did you watch?: anything on the 2 channels we had.

What did you love?: Some of the girls in school. Women who made music who were even more remote. Or was that love?

What did you hate?: Can't remember. Probably people who seemed happy/confident. Show offs/poseurs?

What did you drink?: tea, coffee, water

What did you smoke?: didn't

What did you take?: nothing you couldn't buy in the shops

What did you want to be?: a scientist

Who did you fight?: My parents, siblings still at home.

Who/What did you believe in?: God. Not sure I can remember what else....songs?

Where did you go?: not much of anywhere beyond my bedroom/school/the nearest town.

What did you learn?: Information to pass exams with.

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