Who Are You?: Clare

Where Are You?: At my desk, open-plan office, gloomy and cold country in winter.

What Are You?: A word Nazi. A failed writer. Loved by boyfriend and family. An aunty. A bereaved sister. Waiting for my next holiday.

What do you make?: Magazines spell right.

What do you love?: Sleepy Sundays. Being on top form. Going away and coming back to my room, my stuff, my music&books&clothes. Malapropisms (a-hem). Arguments.

What do you hate?: Intolerance. Ignorant 'hellos'. Conceit. Cliches. When you find a hair in a milkshake. Paying too much for anything.

What do you listen to?: My conscience. Beck and Motown lately. Advice from people I trust, but only with one ear. Live bands.

What do you watch?: Other people when they think I'm not. Films like Bully and Kids. BBC education programmes. The seasons change. My mouth.

What do you drink?: Red wine. Martinis. Hoegarden or Leffe. Cranberry juice. Water.

What do you smoke?: Marlboro Lights, very, very occasionally.

What do you take?: Vitamins pills. Things in my stride. Philosophy and anything pseudo-intellectual with a pinch of salt. My coffe white with two sugars.

What do you believe in?: Atheism.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: In a valley, cutting school, pub every week, other people's houses, car, parent's house.

What were you?: Sixth-form student. Pre-undergraduate. Skinny blonde chick.

What did you wear?: Skimpy clothes. High-heels. Lots of make-up. Nail varnish. My parents out.

What did you listen to?: Hard house. Garage. Jungle. Drum 'n' Bass. Cranberries. Lemonheads. Yeah, bit schizophrenic.

What did you watch?: Too much after-school TV. Twin Peaks (again and again). Lots a people get stoned or high. Traffic lights. BBC education videos.

What did you love?: My ex-boyfriend. My friends. Myself far too much.

What did you hate?: Most of my teachers. My parents (bless them). Hanging around for drugs. Myself far too much. Being sixteen.

What did you drink?: 20/20, Martini (straight out the bottle), vodka orange, pints on a Sunday, PepsiMax.

What did you smoke?: Loads of Marlboros and poor-quality resin. The odd weed joint. Tea, paper... anything.

What did you take?: A lot out of my body.

What did you want to be?: Rich. Unemployed. Happier. Independent and feeling free.

Who did you fight?: My ex-boyfriend, parents, sisters and teachers. What a nightmare I was!

Who/What did you believe in?: Media analysis. Sociological critique. Getting everything for free without working for it. That I was going somewhere.

Where did you go?: To uni. Parent's house. To a bereavement counsellor. All over Europe. Back to my music&books&clothes.

What did you learn?: That I know less than I thought about everything and life's tough. Some people are more successful than others. Appreciate what you have. Don't be sententious in your speech. Writing is hard.

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