Who Are You?: The Kid From Planet Earth.

Where Are You?: Incovenience-a-gogo land.

What Are You?: Certaintly not a pirate, ninja or a robot.

What do you make?: School projects.

What do you love?: Cheese plates.

What do you hate?: That rim of crust on the sour cream bin.

What do you listen to?: Serge Gainsbourg, Felt, Dionne Warwick, Muddy Waters, Adam and the Ants, XTC, Mirah.

What do you watch?: Gilmore Girls.

What do you drink?: Chai lattes.

What do you smoke?: Nothing.

What do you take?: cream packets from fast food restaurants.

What do you believe in?: The Crayola Crayon Company.

When We Were 16

What were you?: The same as I am now, I feel I should mention I'm 16 at this point.

What did you wear?: Cardigans, striped shirts, fred perrys and vintage dresses,

What did you listen to?: Pulp, the go! team, Francoise Hardy, The Kinks, T. Rex, Big Star, The Delta Rhythm Boys

What did you watch?: Say Anything.

What did you love?: Sleeping. Bill Cosby.

What did you hate?: Improper grammar.

What did you drink?: Tangerine fruitopia.

What did you smoke?: I'm pretty teetotal.

What did you take?: A ride from a stranger.

What did you want to be?: A linguist or Andy Warhol.

Who did you fight?: The feminazi stereotype.

Who/What did you believe in?: Audrey Hepburn.

Where did you go?: All Girls Summer Rock Camp.

What did you learn?: Ms. Casey Townsend does not look like me, and her fake ID will not get me in to that Decemberists concert.

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