Who Are You?: richelle

Where Are You?: in a small condo unit whose only window has a view of a concrete wall

What Are You?: a law student

What do you make?: reviewers, snide comments, mix cds, tacky web sites, really fantastic spicy tuna corn pasta

What do you love?: the universe, family, friends, useless knowledge, good music, sleep, food

What do you hate?: stupid people

What do you listen to?: downloaded mp3s

What do you watch?: the morning news, csi, cartoons, cable on weekends

What do you drink?: non fat milk, sangrias, chocolate milk with rum, tea

What do you smoke?: 2nd hand smoke

What do you take?: multivitamins, paracetamol

What do you believe in?: karma

When We Were 16

Where were you?: in high school

What were you?: a senior

What did you wear?: other than the prescribed school uniform - really long dresses, black shirts, jeans, docs, platforms

What did you listen to?: the smashing pumpkins, better than ezra, blur, kula shaker, ben folds five, alanis, - generally nu107 [local rock station]

What did you watch?: buffy the vampire slayer

What did you love?: family, friends, christian bale, christian slater

What did you hate?: rich stupid people

What did you drink?: coke, iced tea, water

What did you smoke?: traffic pollution

What did you take?: tests

What did you want to be?: had absolutely no idea back then

Who did you fight?: whoever i had to during competitions [i used to compete in martial arts]

Who/What did you believe in?: karma

Where did you go?: to university, the general goodness in people

What did you learn?: that i sisnt have to please everyone

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