Who Are You?: miss amanda brown

Where Are You?: 180 miles north of Cuba.

What Are You?: confused, most of the time.

What do you make?: Out, preferrably but lately there's been a lot of in.

What do you love?: I love a lot actually. It's just keeping those things around and as shiny as when I first saw them that proves to be the challenge.

What do you hate?: I hate a lot more actually. Best to be discrening but certain nicknames let you know you've taken skepticism too far. -Razor Tongue

What do you listen to?: metric mile, arcade fire, mum, lali puna, the dears, my second and third thoughts

What do you watch?: I watch attempts being made and tivo.

What do you drink?: honestly champagne, if the stigma wasn't so pervasive. i get by with beer, wine and on late nights, scotch.

What do you smoke?: Nothing,smoking makes me feel closer to dying and I need more time.

What do you take?: Not enough, truly, I was raised by a schoool teacher. one day I'll get what's mine.

What do you believe in?: I'm in the market for something to believe in. I've tried on several hats that I thought becoming but the wind kept blowing them off. I'm looking for something attractive yet wind-resistant.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: 180 miles north of Cuba.

What were you?: Wide-eyed.

What did you wear?: Jeans, shirts from Contempo Casuals. Sun-In.

What did you listen to?: Bjork. Primus.

What did you watch?: my parents get drunk.

What did you love?: the Future, it looked so bright. So open. I loved the tomorrow.

What did you hate?: My curfew, boys, boys who made me want to break curfew.

What did you drink?: coca cola. to a junkie degree. Like 7 a day. I'm lucky i still have teeth.

What did you smoke?:

What did you take?: Lots of crap from people. I've moved on.

What did you want to be?: In love. Skinny. Hardcore.

Who did you fight?: in my head, boys that ridiculed my large chest.

Who/What did you believe in?: Her, She, it was all about the Goddess back then. Have I foresaken her?

Where did you go?: The first place I drove with my new driver's license was my grandmother's house. I'm pretty sure I held my breath the entire way.

What did you learn?: Life is in the trying, not the succeding. Oh, and no holdiing breath during long car trips.

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