Who Are You?: the jen

Where Are You?:

santa -arrrrgggh- barbara, ca

What Are You?: just another neo-hippie liberal arts major

What do you make?: really good pasta and occasionally biting social commentary

What do you love?: the work of: lionel feininger, langston hughes, gertrude stein, f. scott fitzgerald, robert rauschenberg, and johann wolfgang von goethe

also, cheap used cds

What do you hate?: anyone who uses the phrase "ummm, okayyy" for any reason, in any context EVER

What do you listen to?: predominately?

mission of burma, ulrich schnauss, the olivia tremor control, the comsat angels and comets on fire

What do you watch?: not tv.

oh wait...the daily show with jon stewart sometimes.

What do you drink?: vodka with any kind of chaser imaginable

What do you smoke?: djarmun blacks for a little bit. but nothing anymore I suppose.

What do you take?: soon, antidepressants! and centrum.

What do you believe in?: the inevitability of age.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: santa barbara, ca

What were you?: a jerk, in a great many respects

What did you wear?: mainly GAPish clothing that was way too snug-fitting

What did you listen to?: smashing pumpkins, the cranberries, weezer, U2, beck and luscious jackson

What did you watch?: the simpsons, mtv and reruns of the wonder years and quantum leap

What did you love?: sleeping, to an unhealthy extent.

What did you hate?: being obligated to wake in the morning

What did you drink?: anything I could get

What did you smoke?: see above

What did you take?: excessive amounts of Nyquil

What did you want to be?: someone with an identity

Who did you fight?: anyone I thought was uptight, rude or

Who/What did you believe in?: that college was something to look forward to. hahahaha.

Where did you go?: ... the mall, a fair amount of the time.

What did you learn?: eventually? that I have no real reason to take anyone's advice. my chances of success are better or at least the same if I make all my decisions independently

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