Who Are You?: Paul

Where Are You?: Vancouver, though waiting to head back to Calgary

What Are You?: a special someone

What do you make?: merry

What do you love?: the special someonette, wandering

What do you hate?: a backlash of any kind, social conservativism, sunglasses, standing up for myself

What do you listen to?: XTC

What do you watch?: eyes as they pass, the amazing race

What do you drink?: bitter, coffee

What do you smoke?:

What do you take?: abuse and feed off the sense of moral superiority

What do you believe in?: basking in the glow of my own mediocrity

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Still in Calgary, though I did go places in between...honest!

What were you?: a wannabe genius, a romantic, all that stuff...glad to have outgrown it all

What did you wear?: high tops, tapered jeans, a sense of inadequacy I hadn't yet accecpted

What did you listen to?: Morrissey, Pet Shops, Beautiful South

What did you watch?: Seinfeld, the confidently creative do their thing

What did you love?: that perfect girl, that perfect job, that perfect situation

What did you hate?: the same old bullshit

What did you drink?: slurpees

What did you smoke?:

What did you take?: it all in

What did you want to be?: a poet, godammit!

Who did you fight?: I would say that I fought with my own deluded notions but of course I didn't

Who/What did you believe in?: whoever or whatever it was that was supposed to rescue me

Where did you go?: I went for placation and to where I'd get it

What did you learn?: to combine the cynicism of 15 with the romanticism of 16 into the good year that was 17

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