Who Are You?: Sam Wingard

Where Are You?: East London

What Are You?: Dole Diva

What do you make?: a mess of my life

What do you love?: a reaction

What do you hate?: indifference

What do you listen to?: Bow wow wow, Talulah Gosh, The whitey album, Fierce girl, Scooch, The Buzzcocks, Cheeky girls, Girls aloud

What do you watch?: Pop world, Eastenders, Thats so last week, Shameless, Nathan Barley, Nighty night

What do you drink?: water. Beer, Spirits if got the money.

What do you smoke?: Odd joint and fag. V rare tho.

What do you take?: Pill or speed v occassionally

What do you believe in?: Nihilism

When We Were 16

Where were you?: A small village called Thundersley in Essex.

What were you?: Parents bitch, student, geek and layabout

What did you wear?: multicoloured fluorescent horizontal stripy tops wiv chords and plimsols.

What did you listen to?: Spacemen 3, Loop, AR Kane, Emf,

What did you watch?: Eastenders,the Word,Dynasty,Dallas

What did you love?: Will Wheaton, Edward Furlong,Andrew Mcarthy

What did you hate?: my parents

What did you drink?: cider

What did you smoke?: draw

What did you take?: lsd

What did you want to be?: a disco celebrity, Alexis Colby and a credit card junky

Who did you fight?: my parents and fellow freaks. gave many a beer facial.

Who/What did you believe in?: the Nme

Where did you go?: the war memorial, my bedroom and local cottages

What did you learn?: once u get fat no-one wants to bless u.

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