Who Are You?: a 51 year old Canadian male peasant

Where Are You?: in central Ontario, Canada, living on Georgian Bay, the east end of Lake Huron, one of the most beautiful places in the world

What Are You?: bald, dabbler in snapshots and scribbling

What do you make?: jokes, poems, photographs

What do you love?: the four seasons as played out where I live

What do you hate?: people who feel they are entitled to more than us peasants

What do you listen to?: my cat and my dogs, sports talk radio (forgive me), Ralph Vaughan Williams, Diana Krall, old jazz

What do you watch?: my weight, television, local art gallery exhibits, birds, the light on the surface of Georgian Bay

What do you drink?: diet pop, water, coffee, skim milk and once a month or so, a single serving of alcohol, usually vodka or whisky

What do you smoke?: nada

What do you take?: as little as possible

What do you believe in?: the unlimited capacity of human beings to do good and to do bad

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Toronto in a private boys school

What were you?: not fitting in terribly well, and editor of the school newspaper

What did you wear?: school uniform, brown blazer, grey flannel slacks, school tie...if I was found not having the top button of my shirt done up, I was asked to write out the introduction to the mathematics text book three times. I wrote it out.

What did you listen to?: AM top 40 radio

What did you watch?: TV faithfully

What did you love?: reading just about anything I could get my hands on....still do

What did you hate?: injustice

What did you drink?: nothing alcoholic, I was a good boy

What did you smoke?: nada

What did you take?: a certain amount of crap from my peers and teachers

What did you want to be?: a writer of novels

Who did you fight?: I was more the peacemaker than the pugilist Who/What did you believe in?: God

Where did you go?: not far

What did you learn?: that I was not working up to my potential

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