Who Are You?: A paranoid 29 year old male from Italy

Where Are You?: At my desk, in the tiny country village where I live.

What Are You?: A clerk, a translator, a frustrated guitar player.

What do you make?: Music, long rants, mistakes

What do you love?: Music, chocolate, good food, history

What do you hate?: Rude and stupid people

What do you listen to?: Pop, avantrock, jazz, whatever

What do you watch?: No Tv at the moment.

What do you drink?: Wine, grappa, stout

What do you smoke?: old holborn tobacco + smoking blue papers. But I need to quit, my lungs are weak

What do you take?: ventolin

What do you believe in?: common sense

When We Were 16

Where were you?: In a country village tinier than the one where I live now

What were you?: A boring student

What did you wear?: Ripped jeans, Nirvana or Led Zeppelin t-shirt, basketball sneakers

What did you listen to?: Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Beatles, R.E.M.

What did you watch?: I don't remember

What did you love?: Music, chocolate, girls who wouldn't talk to me

What did you hate?: girls who wouldn't talk to me

What did you drink?: water

What did you smoke?: nothing, nerds don't smoke

What did you take?: ventolin

What did you want to be?: uhm...

Who did you fight?: No one.

Who/What did you believe in?: Some hippy idea of spiritual unity and some other bullshit like that

Where did you go?: Scotland.

What did you learn?: That I was a nerd.

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