Who Are You?: Ben Blaufarb

Where Are You?: Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

What Are You?: US Navy Submarine Sailor, Artist

What do you make?: excuses

What do you love?: Music, Art, Fashion, My Family

What do you hate?: conservative middle america

What do you listen to?: 60s mod and garage, 2tone era ska, newer indie shit, bob dylan

What do you watch?: 60s films, anything by wes anderson

What do you drink?: water, and plenty of alchohol when in the company of friends

What do you smoke?: sometimes a clove or two

What do you take?: knowledge

What do you believe in?: creativity

When We Were 16

Where were you?: silver spring, maryland

What were you?: kid in high school. artist.

What did you wear?: standard non descript 16 year old clothing, nothing that would make me stand out in any way.

What did you listen to?: the radio.

What did you watch?: anime

What did you love?: art, design

What did you hate?: school

What did you drink?: milk, juice.

What did you smoke?: nothing.

What did you take?: dexatrin, riddilin, paxil

What did you want to be?: didn't really think about it.

Who did you fight?: everyone (passively)

Who/What did you believe in?: creativity

Where did you go?: I went to albert einstein high school. from there I went to montgomery college. from there I joined the navy.

What did you learn?: academia, nothing worth a shit.

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