Who Are You?: Michael

Where Are You?: Woodchester

What Are You?: Only human

What do you make?: Terrible pictures

What do you love?: Change

What do you hate?: School

What do you listen to?: Indy/Alternative+Pop/Rock&Electronica

What do you watch?: Withnail & I // Comedy Shows

What do you drink?: Orange juice, beer, wine and champagne

What do you smoke?: Golden Virginia

What do you take?: Oxygen

What do you believe in?: I believe everything has a start and finish

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Walking through fields

What were you?: Anti-cool

What did you wear?: Jeans, t-shirts, army jackets and knitwhere

What did you listen to?: Radiohead, The Smiths, Chemical Brothers & Libertines

What did you watch?: Trainspotting

What did you love?: Life

What did you hate?: School

What did you drink?: Oranje juice, cheap wine

What did you smoke?: Weed

What did you take?: Pills

What did you want to be?: In a band

Who did you fight?: Fought normality and the establishment (rock 'n' roll)

Who/What did you believe in?: Music

Where did you go?: Lived a year longer

What did you learn?: Too much about real life

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