Who Are You?: Ed, of the Falling Leaves. A charlatan of a musician, writer, tailor and boyfriend.

Where Are You?: Leicester. Home. Saving cash for a two day bingo in Notting Hill.

What Are You?: A socialist, stylist, composer and failure.

What do you make?: 3 minute guitar pop, 5 minute electronic noise, 10 minute jazz funk jams.

What do you love?: RAK. Outside. Cycling. Guitars. Boozers.

What do you hate?: Nothing. I dislike a lot though.

What do you listen to?: Burt's Aplle Crumble by The Quik. The Magic Numbers.The Go Team. Brother Jac McDuff. Kent compilations. Soul Jazz stuff.

What do you watch?: Sopranos.

What do you drink?: Tea. Guiness. Coffee. Water.

What do you smoke?: Other peoples secondary weed.

What do you take?: Nothing anymore. But if you offered me some acid, well...

What do you believe in?: People.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Melton Mowbray

What were you?: School Boy/ Mod / Parts Assistant in a garage.

What did you wear?: Hipsters made by a tailor round the back of the Bullting in Brum. A secondhand 3 button Hardy Aimes (?) jacket. Second hand Ben Shermans. Knitted Ties. Moc Croc slip ons.

What did you listen to?: The Prisoners. Makin Time. Direct Hits. Teh Untouchables. Kent compilations.

What did you watch?: The Tube. Ther Avengers.

What did you love?: Who - Renee Shaw. What - Vespa 125 Douglas or a Vepsa 150 Special. None of teh above were achieved.

What did you hate?: Nothing. I disliked the pop music of the day. And footbal casuals.

What did you drink?: Lager.

What did you smoke?: Embassy Number 1. Silk Cut. B&H for the ladies.

What did you take?: Speed.

What did you want to be?: A car salesman? Well paid?

Who did you fight?: Some lad called paddy. I threatened him with a baseball bat after he had goaded me one time too often.

Who/What did you believe in?: My brother.

Where did you go?: London.

What did you learn?: Nothing. I leart nothing between the ages of 15 and 22.

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