Who Are You?: A girl who sleeps too much.

Where Are You?: In bed of course! Although sleep is far away seeing as I have had my fill already today. In England. Usually in the middle.

What Are You?: A student of english.

What do you make?: A mess of most things that I attempt.

What do you love?: Other than sleeping my dear other half Robin. The cats that we will soon be acquiring. Meanwhile I love other people's cat. I sleep with them often.

What do you hate?: my inability to motivate myself when motivation is needed. my insecurities. and certain people who are the antithesis to how i am.

What do you listen to?: What Robin puts on my ipod when I rememeber to charge it or indeed put it in my bag. Whatever CD my left hand discovers whilst I'm watching the road. Which is usually some twee nonsense that I was listening to when I was 16.

What do you watch?: Programmes that are awful for me like The OC.

What do you drink?: Rose wine for nights out and red wine for nights in. Inbetween I drink gin and whiskey and not much else.

What do you smoke?: marlboro gold.

What do you take?: codeine and anthihistemems and microgynon and painkillers and nytol and night nurse.

What do you believe in?: everything always seeming slightly better in the morning, the following week, a year later...

When We Were 16

Where were you?: An awful place that I have sinced escaped.

What were you?: Moody, hateful, selfish, angry, sad, down.

What did you wear?: silly clothes. although now my clothes are sillier. sometimes.

What did you listen to?: indie mixtapes

What did you watch?: the a team and sooty

What did you love?: one boy in particular

What did you hate?: myself and my mother and everyone else inbetween

What did you drink?: vodka

What did you smoke?: marlboro gold

What did you take?: codeine - a lifelong friend

What did you want to be?: old enough to escape

Who did you fight?: myself

Who/What did you believe in?: nothing?

Where did you go?: London and back again

What did you learn?: Amor vincit omnia?

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