Who Are You?: Martin, Northwest native.

Where Are You?: in Seattle, at my boring day job, killing time until I can leave without pissing anyone off

What Are You?: just a guy who is lucky enough to know a lot of good people, and live in a great place, I'm a homeowner, tax payer, and voting citizen who is disenfranchised by this criminal regime goddammit!

What do you make?: sometimes music, sometimes conversation, sometimes an ass of myself.

What do you love?: my wife, my friends, my neighborhood, my record store (which doesn't pay the bills), playing softball

What do you hate?: people who fuck up things because they are too fucked up to mind their own business. Neo Cons. short attention spans. Corporations with no accountability. People my age who have given up.

What do you listen to?: lately: the Dells, little willie john, spirit, bob seger, jan and dean, les terribles, the spits

What do you watch?: my waistline grow, basketball on tv,

What do you drink?: rainier beer

What do you smoke?: weed

What do you take?: psychedelics once a year

What do you believe in?: the underdogs

When We Were 16

Where were you?: kent, washington, a suburb of seattle.

What were you?: an insecure, quiet kid who read too many books (or not enough), a total fence-sitter.

What did you wear?: bad clothes, bad glasses, bad hair.

What did you listen to?: devo, the jam, the zombies, the residents, bob marley, van halen

What did you watch?: some tv, not much that I remember now

What did you love?: making out with my girlfriend, seeing how far she'd let me go. I was still a virgin but it was cool.

What did you hate?: jocks, high school, suburbs, my job at mcdonalds

What did you drink?: water, coffee

What did you smoke?: nothing

What did you take?: black beauties, cross tops, valium, demerol.

What did you want to be?: 7 years old again

Who did you fight?: dean chase

Who/What did you believe in?: faith, god, the existential dilema, people who were smarter than me.

Where did you go?: downtown, the lake, I cruised the loop in renton once.

What did you learn?: that I could do what I wanted if I was smart about it and didn't fuck up.

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