Who Are You?: M.S. -

Where Are You?: In work

What Are You?: Awkward

What do you make?: Nothing

What do you love?: Ideas
My Dog
Time on my own

What do you hate?: Hopes being dashed.
Things that seem intractable
Time on my own

What do you listen to?: Too little - be it other people, music or radio
What do I hear? Too much

What do you watch?: The news, documentaries, sport - and try to remember to turn the tv off and read.

What do you drink?: Tea, beer, gin

What do you smoke?: Nothing

What do you take?: Prescribed medication

What do you believe in?: Social justice
Politeness / manners / civility
The value of education and it's limitations

When We Were 16

Where were you?: South of England

What were you?: Happy

What did you wear?: Jeans, t-shirt

What did you listen to?: Records with friends

What did you watch?:

What did you love?: That summer
My dog
My family
My friends

What did you hate?: Margaret Thatcher & her government

What did you drink?: Tea, beer

What did you smoke?: Nothing

What did you take?: Prescribed medication

What did you want to be?: At university

Who did you fight?: Someone I see from time to time, and who I get on fine with
People I didn't choose to

Who/What did you believe in?: Socialism
Social justice
The value of education

Where did you go?:

What did you learn?: I'm really not sure

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