Who Are You?: Emma

Where Are You?: Swansea

What Are You?: A wife, cleaner, cook, Medical Secretary, daughter, a grand daughter, a friend

What do you make?: cakes, salads, soup and love

What do you love?: family, rugby, God, wine

What do you hate?: Margaret Thatcher, cruelty to children and animals, nuclear weapons

What do you listen to?: all kinds of music

What do you watch?: Coronoation street

What do you drink?: wine

What do you smoke?: none

What do you take?: a load of grief

What do you believe in?: God

When We Were 16

Where were you?: at home with parent

What were you?: student

What did you wear?: cool clothes

What did you listen to?: U2

What did you watch?: Dogtanian

What did you love?: myself

What did you hate?: Margaret Thatcher, nuclear weapons

What did you drink?: wine or bacardi

What did you smoke?: 10 a day

What did you take?: pot

What did you want to be?: model, actress, teacher

Who did you fight?: my mother

Who/What did you believe in?: God

Where did you go?: clubbing and school

What did you learn?: how to have fun

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