Who Are You?: Pass.

Where Are You?: Greenock, the worst location in the northern hemisphere.

What Are You?: A depressed male human with blue eyes.

What do you make?: People sigh; lovely music on my guitar; the whole world seem doomed as it is; people laugh.

What do you love?: Music, Books, Films, Tea, Sex and Football.

What do you hate?: Most people, pop culture, apathy, loneliness, darkness, wasps, governments, smoking, microwaves and ofcourse myself!

What do you listen to?: Radiohead, Jeff Buckley, Pixies, Muse, Led Zep, Belle and Sebastian, Libertines, and everything else when the mood suits me.

What do you watch?: Everything incase i miss out on tasting some obscure hidden syrup that might pour from a window within me, triggered by some collaboration of colour and sound.

What do you drink?: Irn Bru, water, tea, occasionally hit the alcohol.

What do you smoke?: Mayfair mixed with the worst form of cannabis resin this side of the northern hemisphere :D

What do you take?: Life too seriously at times compared to the general ethos; not very long to fall in love; too long to make decisions, write songs and master all instruments.

What do you believe in?: Birth, Love and Death. And depression if theres nothing to fill the gap when love is taken away.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Still here attending school.

What were you?: Happy, arrogant, paranoid but hopeful hash-head.

What did you wear?: The same stylish pish i still wear with a badly styled haircut with too much gel.

What did you listen to?: Indie music.

What did you watch?: Friends, The Godfather Trilogy,

What did you love?: Attention, Reading, Intelligence, Night Time, Football, Money, LIFE!

What did you hate?: Pretentious Yuppie Geeks who came from a better background, Authority, Soap Operas.

What did you drink?: Vodka.

What did you smoke?: The same awful RESIN!

What did you take?: The only girl who has ever shown me real love and dispensed her like a used condom.

What did you want to be?: A Lawyer or a software engineer or a marine biologist. Something that would reward me with loads of bucks.

Who did you fight?: Authority and the people who found me intimidating, arrogant or whatever other reasons people start fights.

Who/What did you believe in?: God ofcourse(went to a Catholic school) and that i was the master of my own destiny - the world had no limitations.

Where did you go?: Nowhere.

What did you learn?: The world isn't the beautiful place that was promised to us as 5 year olds in cartoons, frosty halloweens and christmas lights.

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