Who Are You?: I don't know. In a scentence I'd probably be everyone. In a lifetime I'll hopefully be myself.

Where Are You?: In sweden, in my house, in my bedroom, wasting my hours until I fall asleep.

What Are You?: These days I'm unemployed and bored. All days I'm Polite and slow.

What do you make?: I make records and songs.

What do you love?: I love my family and my friends. I love many records and many books. I love most things depending on when you ask me.

What do you hate?: I hate sad, heartless systems that make people waste their hearts and hopes for nothing.I hate most things depending when you ask me.

What do you listen to?: At the moment I'm listening to The Radio dept. Other days I listening to The left banke, Antony & the johnsons, Matmos and many other things.

What do you watch?: I watch French films, I watch sitcoms, I watch myself in the reflection of my window.

What do you drink?: I drink a lot of things.

What do you smoke?: I smoke cigaretts.

What do you take?: Some things too seriously and some things not at all.

What do you believe in?: I believe in love, music, my friends and my family.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: In my bedroom and in school.

What were you?: confused, interested in things, kind and ugly.

What did you wear?: Old Adidas shoes, grey sweaters and black trousers.

What did you listen to?: Broder Daniel,The Smiths, Sonic youth, The mamas & the papas, Simon & Garfunkel, blur, Oasis and Pulp. I listened to most things people told me I should be listening to.

What did you watch?: Television, Teachers talking.

What did you love?: Music and dreaming of the future.

What did you hate?: I didn't hate too many things. I mostly just didn't understand.

What did you drink?: Alcohol, coffee, juice and milk.

What did you smoke?: Cigarettes.

What did you take?: Tests in School, Money and cigarettes from my parents at home.

What did you want to be?: Loved and talented.

Who did you fight?: Myself and a lot of people around me.

Who/What did you believe in?: Morrissey, Ian Curtis, Thurston Moore, Henrik Berggren.

Where did you go?: I went to books and pop songs.

What did you learn?: That everything is beautiful in its own way.

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