Who Are You?: I'm a man, not a boy now.

Where Are You?: In sunny Sweden.

What Are You?: I am so hot right now.

What do you make?: Websites. And cups of tea.

What do you love?: My kids. And my mini ipod.

What do you hate?: Britney Spears. She's an alien, you know...

What do you listen to?: Music. From Nick Drake onwards through David Sylvian to, erm...David Sylvian.

What do you watch?: My weight. Occasionally.

What do you drink?: Most things.

What do you smoke?: Nothing. Not even kippers.

What do you take?: The p*#s.

What do you believe in?: Lurrve.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Newport, South Wales.

What were you?: Pretty much what I am now. Only smaller. And ganglier.

What did you wear?: Skinny trousers.

What did you listen to?: The Smiths, Soft Cell, The Human League et al.,

What did you watch?: My p's and q's.

What did you love?: Pop music. Football.

What did you hate?: Bad pop music.

What did you drink?: Anything I could get my hands on.

What did you smoke?: Nothing.

What did you take?: Ditto.

What did you want to be?: Morrissey.

Who did you fight?: No-one.

Who/What did you believe in?: Tottenham Hotspur FC.

Where did you go?: School. Parks. Shops. Pubs.

What did you learn?: Everything and nothing.

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