Who Are You?: leo, a popcultur-junkie with academic ambitions.

Where Are You?: in södertälje, sweden.

What Are You?: i'm a high school student.

What do you make?: i make art and some music.

What do you love?: i love painter johan scott, lots of pop music, walking, reading and writing. good friends, my family...

What do you hate?: i hate hate, but i don't like the evil punks in my school. i feel threaten. and i'm not a big fan of the white stripes.

What do you listen to?: i listen to all (ok not all, but many) kinds of music. my favorite artists at the moment are kahimi karie, hans appelqvist, viktor sjöberg (visit his blog: elefanten.blogspot.com) and momus. i also listen allot to the compilation "childish music" - great stuff!

What do you watch?: i like the early kusturica.

What do you drink?: i drink more coffe than anyone i know.

What do you smoke?: i smoke cigarrs sometimes

What do you take?: nothing!

What do you believe in?: i believe in the good of life: art and pop.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: i am here, i am 16!

What were you?: what i am.

What did you wear?: i used to wear black because i thought that's what artist's should be wearing. but then i changed my mind and started to wear colorfull cloth because momus wrote that color is pop and black is rock. color is the new black!

What did you listen to?: beside the the artist's i've mentioned: jens lekman, pet shop boys, my favorite, felt (correct taste) and the embassy...

What did you watch?: don't like wathing tv

What did you love?: i love to visit big cities

What did you hate?: i hate hate, and noisy sounds

What did you drink?: coffe, juice

What did you smoke?: not much

What did you take?: nothing

What did you want to be?: i wan't to be an illustrator or a writer

Who did you fight?: i don't fight anything!

Who/What did you believe in?: hmn, i also believe in life

Where did you go?: i go to school, then i go home.

What did you learn?: i'm still learning

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