Who Are You?: Fred Mallone

Where Are You?: At work nust outside Central London, pretending to be doing something constructive

What Are You?: A normal person with a normal haircut in a normal office doing a normal job

What do you make?: I design t-shirts for a clothing company that I wish I had the money to start up but don't

What do you love?: Dreaming of finding myself a nice punk girl

What do you hate?: The fact that I can't get flesh tunnels in my ears and a full sleeve tattoo because I work in a boring office

What do you listen to?: Punk, ska, emo and other various artists who make me feel emotional like Elvis Costello, The Smiths, some Bjork songs (like Play Dead) and acoustic material from Colin Hay

What do you watch?: So much TV my eyes hurt when I'm not watching it

What do you drink?: Whiskey

What do you smoke?: I've gone back to smoking cigarettes when I'm drunk again which can't be good for me

What do you take?: My time

What do you believe in?: That there is someone somewhere who feels just like me

When We Were 16

Where were you?: At school

What were you?: A little kid with a mohawk who thought he was punk

What did you wear?: Baggy jeans and a ripped t-shirt

What did you listen to?: Sex Pistols, Green Day, NOFX and Rancid

What did you watch?: Cartoons aimed at 8 year olds

What did you love?: Watching old people cross the street when I was walking towards them

What did you hate?: Trendy kids and their big scary gangs

What did you drink?: Cider

What did you smoke?: More cigarettes than I do now

What did you take?: Zionc suppliments because a doctor told my mom they would do me a world of good

What did you want to be?: The singer in a punk band

Who did you fight?: Trendy kids when they weren't with their big scary gangs

Who/What did you believe in?: That there was nothing worse in life than being normal

Where did you go?: To the park to drink and smoke and listen to music

What did you learn?: How to ask for a glass of orange juice in Spanish

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