Who Are You?: Tina

Where Are You?: Heidelberg Germany

What Are You?: not done yet

What do you make?: well not what I should at the moment like always

What do you love?: life, jokes, my bunny and the feeling of being understood

What do you hate?: some people's attitude

What do you listen to?: moloko/massive attack at the moment R.E.M. most of the time

What do you watch?: the sun's reflections set in the oppsite windows

What do you drink?: orange juice out of a coffee cup

What do you smoke?: American Spirit Tobacco, Sweet Smokes.

What do you take?: my time

What do you believe in?: Sorry nothing to worship. But I believe somewhere there is an idea(l) in everyone of us that makes sense to everyone... well maybe this here doesn't, though

When We Were 16

Where were you?: oh yeah that year well same place as above

What were you?: a student discovering rock music as a powerful part

What did you wear?: nothing special just pants and t-shirts

What did you listen to?: Pearl Jam, Korn, Eighties... there was more but that is too exhausting to find out

What did you watch?: 2 dozen bands at a festival.

What did you love?: Rock am Ring laying in the sun on the pavement

What did you hate?: uncertainty

What did you drink?: those vodka bloodorange drinks come to my mind

What did you smoke?: nothing.

What did you take?: I took time off school to explore life

What did you want to be?: camera-girl at festival

Who did you fight?: people that can't stand people dancing at concerts

Who/What did you believe in?: Less than now

Where did you go?: Well, Rock am Ring

What did you learn?: Today is the last day of your life.

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