Who Are You?: spence roberts

Where Are You?: birmingham, england

What Are You?: male

What do you make?: money and music and twin girls

What do you love?: my twin girls

What do you hate?: bad driving

What do you listen to?: josef k, magazine, rem's murmer, nada surf, the o betweens, witness, scott walker, the birde in my garden.

What do you watch?: my twin girls

What do you drink?: red wine and tea

What do you smoke?: silk cut whaen i am about to binge, nothing otherwise

What do you take?: sudafed

What do you believe in?: howard devoto

When We Were 16

Where were you?: the black country

What were you?: an edwyn collins fanatic

What did you wear?: check sgorts, brogues, ripped tae fuck jean jacket, sheepskin coat, and arm bands

What did you listen to?: orange juice. the stranglers, the farmers boys, grace jones and the the

What did you watch?: the tube, switch, boys from the blackstuff and brookside

What did you love?: orange juice, then josef k

What did you hate?: all rock bands

What did you drink?: the oddd can of breaker, and odd pint of tenents extra other than that, just tea.

What did you smoke?: didn't

What did you take?: walls arctic roll

What did you want to be?: edwyn collins

Who did you fight?: the trendies

Who/What did you believe in?: orange juice

Where did you go?: to a place north of the black country

What did you learn?: nothing

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