Who Are You?: a Woman

Where Are You?: Northern England

What Are You?: a company director

What do you make?: decisions

What do you love?: butter - mashed potatoes - mushy peas

What do you hate?: do gooders

What do you listen to?: elgar - sixties genre

What do you watch?: people

What do you drink?: whisky - lager

What do you smoke?: reformed now other peoples smoke

What do you take?: nothing

What do you believe in?: myself

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Dark satanic mills of a grey gritty town in the North of England

What were you?: A slave in cold hive of a factory

What did you wear?: nylon navy overalls shortened to mini length

What did you listen to?: Temperance seven, Beatles, Stones

What did you watch?: Z Cars

What did you love?: Freedom

What did you hate?: Poverty

What did you drink?: in the money rum and black otherwise nothing

What did you smoke?: cadets

What did you take?: nothing it cost money

What did you want to be?: Medieval researcher

Who did you fight?: Anybody

Who/What did you believe in?: Freedom

Where did you go?: Walking

What did you learn?: Life is not was

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