Who Are You?: davide

Where Are You?: venice, italy

What Are You?: architect? counselor? journalist? who knows...

What do you make?: rich people' houses cost less.
young architects stand their lives easier.
newspaper readers learn things they were not supposed to be interested in.

What do you love?: talking, eating, thinking

What do you listen to?: momus momus momus

What do you watch?: myself in the mirror, in front of my desk

What do you drink?: coffee

What do you believe in?: i believe in the good of life (see the hidden cameras)

When We Were 16

Where were you?: mantova, italy

What were you?: a student

What did you wear?: polo ralph lauren and levi's 501 jeans

What did you listen to?: nirvana

What did you watch?: beverly hills 92010

What did you love?: translation from ancient greek to latin

What did you hate?: saturday night fever

What did you drink?: vodka

What did you smoke?: marlboro lights

What did you want to be?: didn't know - same as now

Where did you go?: wherever

What did you learn?: ?

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