Who Are You?: old and male

Where Are You?: Stockholm city, Sweden.

What Are You?: saassy

What do you make?: a great 'doo

What do you love?: ladies that handle that frizz

What do you hate?: I am a very content boy

What do you listen to?: lambchop

What do you watch?: are you ready for some football?!

What do you drink?: isles and a mixed variety of blands

What do you smoke?: reds

What do you take?: ladies that handle that frizz

What do you believe in?: a good flow

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Wigan, Gr: Manchester.

What were you?: sassy

What did you wear?: white black brown

What did you listen to?: pulp

What did you watch?: wiggles

What did you love?: uh uh wiggles

What did you hate?: cheap blands

What did you drink?: a variety of cheap blands

What did you smoke?: reds

What did you take?: social sciences C

What did you want to be?: inbetween the wiggles

Who did you fight?: .

Who/What did you believe in?: .

Where did you go?: senior upper

What did you learn?: wiggles stand no chance to ladies that handle

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