Who Are You?: Claire

Where Are You?: At my desk, should be working

What Are You?: A bit of a hippy

What do you make?: My work run smoother, my home run smoother, my own fun.

What do you love?: My Daniel, singing when I am home alone and dancing as if everyone is watching whether they are or they aren't.

What do you hate?: Dubya, guns, my lack of self confidence, my job sometimes...

What do you listen to?: Jeff Buckley as often as I can, the BEach Boys to soothe my soul and Ol' Dirty Bastard when I liek it raw

What do you watch?: people

What do you drink?: vodka.

What do you smoke?: Only herbal spliffs. Given up the tobacco for 3 weeks and counting now/

What do you take?: Too much from other people all the time. I must say no.

What do you believe in?:

When We Were 16

Where were you?: In purgatory in the loft at my parents.

What were you?: Immeasurably sad.

What did you wear?: Purple, black and tie dye. Oh dear.

What did you listen to?: Heavy metal.

What did you watch?: Boys mainly

What did you love?: Boys cigarettes and barmen that thought I was 18.

What did you hate?: My mother with a passion.

What did you drink?: Thunderbird.

What did you smoke?: Marlboro

What did you take?: regular beatings and beratings from mummy dearest

What did you want to be?: a music journalist

Who did you fight?: any one who said my Dad was in the IRA due to his accent and any bloke I caught staring at my tits.

Who/What did you believe in?: Myself much more so than I do now.

Where did you go?: To the park to get high

What did you learn?: That if I lasted 2 more years my parents would have to pay for me to go to college.

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