Who Are You?: Christopher William Rigg.

Where Are You?: Sitting in a corner of my Rehearsal room, Edinburgh.

What Are You?: A very very poor musician trying not to get so far into debt i have work in telesales for a bank.

What do you make?: Heart felt complex and inventive but cheery guitar music, people uncomfortable a little too often, a great amount of japanese food, a large beer can sculpture on the wall of my room, little stories and homemade instruments.

What do you love?: Playing guitar as loud as i like for hours a day, finding enough money to eat the food i've been craving for weeks, finding people that appreciate what i do, being challenged and playing pool.

What do you hate?: Narrow minded people, bands with nothing to say lyrically or musically, the mundane, being trapped in routine, finding an amp or guitar that i've always wanted for sale that i don't have and not being able to afford it, and liars.

What do you listen to?: Me playing guitar, the neighbours banging on the wall, anything made by Ben Gibbard, anything exciting and inventive, everything i can hear all the time, a great friend of mine called Tom Gourley and everyone else should too.

What do you watch?: Out for rivals on the music scene, changes in people i know, my step with people i don't know too well, the nearest exit incase things turn messy and as much as i can see at any one time.

What do you drink?: Far far far too much beer, rum and gin (but not daily), water and milk.

What do you smoke?: Liquerice roll ups when i go out and other peoples cigarettes if i can sweet talk them.

What do you take?: Beautiful things on board as inspiration, The bad things in life on board as inspiration, my self not too seriously and everything else with a pinch of salt

What do you believe in?: That if you have a belief or a change you woould like to make it would be cheating your self not to try your hardest to achieve it and thus this the music industry will change hugely in our favour this century

When We Were 16

Where were you?: In a lovely run down English town working and playing hard.

What were you?: Very naive and shy but determined to make myself creative (which i realise now can only make what you create a little thin in meaning)

What did you wear?: Second hand flares and big coloured shirts beneath a parker, and spiritualized and joy division T-shirts when i felt brave.

What did you listen to?: Early verve records, my distinct lack of experience in arguments about music, my dreams of being creative, peoples advice about bands, sonic youth and Pulp

What did you watch?: My confidence dissapear and slowly rebuild every day, friends come and go as they do at that age and documentries about idols.

What did you love?: The thought that i one day be able to make sense of what was going on in my head and around me, emotional songs that made me feel that other people felt sad too, it when people seemed bothered how i was feeling and the occasional beer.

What did you hate?: Bad reviews of bands i liked, the fact there was hate around.

What did you drink?: Lager quite often or whatever me and my freinds managed to pinch from our parents.

What did you smoke?: The odd bit of canabis if a freind had some and the same with cogarettes.

What did you take?: Things very musch to heart and alot of offence at people opinions of who i was, time to think about things before jumping to conclusions like other people did.

What did you want to be?: Alot more naturally creative, wiser in the ways of the world and life, in charge of my own life and shorter.

Who did you fight?: Absolutely no-one, not even when they were beating me up.

Who/What did you believe in?: Thom Yorke, that i had something to offer if i could only grow into understanding what it was, my Father and Mother.

Where did you go?: Around to freinds who had fields by their houses, record shops and chip shops.

What did you learn?: That no matter how bad things are, if you want them to, then they will get better, it's up to you how life treats you but most importantly that what i hoped i would be capable of was true.

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