Who Are You?:

Where Are You?: at home in west london

What Are You?: a failing poet and philosopher; an alcoholic.

What do you make?: love, mess, bad poetry,

What do you love?: things that work

What do you hate?: things that harm existence

What do you listen to?: ella fitzgerald, billie holiday. tom waits. radio4.

What do you watch?: documentaries, movies, people on the streets

What do you drink?: whiskey indoors. whiskey &/or lager when i'm out. tea.

What do you smoke?: tobacco

What do you take?: no.

What do you believe in?: intuition. a woman: that the love of a woman will save me

When We Were 16

Where were you?: probably around my girlfriend's

What were you?: a drudge.

What did you wear?: can't remember.

What did you listen to?: do i have to answer that? ok. probably wham.

What did you watch?: rented movies. 9andahalfweeks: basinger and rourke.

What did you love?: probably nothing.

What did you hate?: aggression

What did you drink?: lager. my mate and i went through a phase of drinking yorkshire bitter

What did you smoke?: marlboros.

What did you take?: things that were, in retrospect, bad for my phycological state (sic)

What did you want to be?: i hadn't a clue. grown up?

Who did you fight?: my girlfriend, parents, the odd stranger,

Who/What did you believe in?: famous people

Where did you go?: pubs. the local doss house.

What did you learn?: god knows

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