Who Are You?: Antoine Doinel

Where Are You?: Paris (France)

What Are You?: romantic if it is still possible

What do you make?: prose
internet sites for a living

What do you love?: beauty in life

What do you hate?: silliness

What do you listen to?: debussy, ravel, poulenc
new order, smiths, radiohead,
beatles and beach boys
from abba to zombies

What do you watch?: old movies shot by dead people

What do you drink?: coffee, tea, orange juice, malt beer, red wine (rather bourgogne than bordeaux), champagne or other sparkling white wines (especially proseco)

What do you smoke?: nothing

What do you take?: my time

What do you believe in?: magic, love, me and sometimes even god

When We Were 16

Where were you?: nantes (france)

What were you?: indie kid

What did you wear?: dm boots

What did you listen to?: joy division, cure, etienne daho

What did you watch?: les enfants du rock (french 80's tv show about pop music)

What did you love?: being in love

What did you hate?: sport

What did you drink?: kronenbourg at school parties

What did you smoke?: fags

What did you take?: a ride through the suburbs, at night

What did you want to be?: faithful to the person i was at that time

Who did you fight?: i was only engaging fights that i was pretty sure to win...

Who/What did you believe in?: not much

Where did you go?: seashore every summer
playing pool or video games every saturday
the record shop nearly every day

What did you learn?: that you don't learn everything at school.

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