Who Are You?: A 21 year old female, with a love for pop music, modern art, wine, travelling, and laughing.
Where Are You?: At my office in Manhattan with the Media Relations department of a big insurance company, sitting in a cubicle on the 16th floor.
What Are You?: creative, self-conscious, hard-working, 3rd generation Polish-American, outgoing, Jewish, silly, sensitive.
What do you make?: I try to make things better than I found them.
What do you love?: Friends, new experiences, graphic design, wallpaper* magazine, WFMU in NYC, London, indiepop and J-pop, New York City.
What do you hate?: racism and bigotry, humidity, intimidation, feeling fat, running late, getting caught.
What do you listen to?: Yo La Tengo, Belle & Sebastian, Clientele, Momus, Spinanes, Arling & Cameron, Stars, indie stuff on March, Le Grand Magistery, Thrill Jockey, Merge, Elephant 6, etc.
What do you watch?: films: Annie Hall, Run Lola Run, Being John Malkovitch, Next Stop Wonderland. TV: Seinfeld.
What do you drink?: wine, Cosmopolitans, Campari & soda.
What do you smoke?: maybe a Parliament if I'm out drinking. Two months ago I quit a nasty Parliament habit.
What do you take?: gifts and compliments.
What do you believe in?: Love, fate, and freedom.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Union, New Jersey, in a suburban two-family house, devoting my life to being different and resigned to be misunderstood.
What were you?: insecure, lonely, and overweight.
What did you wear?: Chuck Taylor all-star high tops, concert T-shirts, and little Courtney Love plastic hair barrettes.
What did you listen to?: The Boo Radleys, Spinanes, Lotion, Shudder To Think, Velocity Girl, Suede, the Smiths.
What did you watch?: Northern Exposure, Seinfeld, Mystery Science Theater 3K, Monty Python's Flying Circus, X-Files.
What did you love?: my dog Bell, art classes, painting, my then-boyfriend Jerry, and my guitar.
What did you hate?: everyone at school.
What did you drink?: water, soda.
What did you smoke?: occasionally Marlboro lights
What did you take?: the usually gammit of escapist high school garbage.
What did you want to be?: an art history professor or a psychologist.
Who did you fight?: My mom. For having to follow rules and be careful of dangerous people and places.
Who/What did you believe in?: Love, fate, freedom.
Where did you go?: To St. Marks place in NYC with friends to feel alive and free, to coffee shops to have lattes and smoke and feel cool.
What did you learn?: That no one is secure, everyone wants a friend, be the first one to be kind. We are all scared and lonely sometimes.