Who Are You?: currently 27, creative, struggling, odd, difficult, looking for my peeps
Where Are You?: cavernous apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn with uneven floors, exposed pipes, hissing radiator, etc (it's snowing outside!)
What Are You?: atypical consortium of antagonism, curiosity, cynicism, great sentimentality, concerns, promising but abused talents, various ideological hustles and bullshit, bookish leanings (unfortunately), self-destructive tendencies, distrust, and strange mishaps
What do you make?: unkempt working conditions, quiet observations, bad decisions, mix tapes for everyone, impossible "to do" lists, internal dialogues, theoretical art projects, inefficient uses of time, interesting problems, and (generally speaking) one strange bedfellow
What do you love?: complexity, hopeless crushes, critical thinking, unpolished expression, subtle flourishes, sparseness, distortion of most kinds, things going wrong in funny and exciting ways, late-night talks, speculation, "the great matter", social responsibility, diy mindsets and stripped-down fucked-uppedness, balinese music, construction sites, absorbtion in the present moment, Cometbus
What do you hate?: misrepresentation for personal gain, celebrity culture, arrogance, condescencion, pandering, the promotion of personal financial wealth as a synonym for freedom, blandly literal treatments or translations, presumption, oversleeping, complacency, overconsumption, the banality of pop culture, my own laziness and inefficiency
What do you listen to?: gamelan gong, Coltrane (almost too sacred to mention by name), the Make-Up, Halo Benders, Nation of Ulysses, the Clash, Crass, the Slits, the Paragons, Bikini Kill, the peechees, dub, Sonic Youth, Sleater-Kinney, the Specials, GBV, the Orb, angular atonal arrythmias, etc
What do you watch?: people always, mistakes coming my way, my girlfriend sleeping with our cat (Calvin) curled around her, my own embarrassing moments (helplessly, over and over again)
What do you drink?: water, mostly
What do you smoke?: weed very rarely and only socially
What do you take?: great and unnecessary pains to conceal amazing things from strangers, too much time to think, chemical substances very rarely and only socially
What do you believe in?: collectivism, community, dissonance, logically unresolvable contradictions, redemption

When We Were 16

Where were you?: private school in Albuquerque, New Mexico, living in various homes with assorted combinations of parents and step-parents
What were you?: painfully shy, somewhat traumatized, obsessive, beginning to be seriously disfunctional
What did you wear?: uniform for the cultural ghetto that is the upper-middle class, what everyone else was wearing, etc
What did you listen to?: hip hop, almost exclusively
What did you watch?: parents fighting, distance forming, the impending freeze-up coming, etc
What did you love?: unattainably cool girls, Public Enemy, drawing, reading, isolation, concealment
What did you hate?: parents fighting, distance forming, the impending freeze-up coming, etc
What did you drink?: water, mostly
What did you smoke?: smoking sucks
What did you take?: abuse, without much complaint, as often as it was dished out to me, until I learned to dish it out myself and think that it was good for me
What did you want to be?: dead at 30
Who did you fight?: concerned friends, concerned teachers, myself, my family
Who/What did you believe in?: can't recall that I believed in much at all
Where did you go?: from bad to worse over the next ten years
What did you learn?: that I truly am my own worst enemy, that there are indeed things to live for, and that love really is possible