adam l

Who Are You?: adam l.
Where Are You?: jacksonville, Florida
What Are You?: super happy people
What do you make?: love
What do you love?: anna
What do you hate?: incompetens, ignorance and bigotry.
What do you listen to?: belle & sebastian, peter tosh, dj. fredrik eriksson (lindesberg, sweden), arab strap, jeff van dyk, gang starr, dr. dre. my mom.
What do you watch?: american beauty, being john malkovich, fight club, x-files, pokemon. ;o)
What do you drink?: long island icetea
What do you smoke?: nothing. it sucks.
What do you take?: vitamins and pepsi.
What do you believe in?: stuart murdock. and myself (most of the time)

When We Were 16

Where were you?: small town in sweden
What were you?: stupid
What did you wear?: my dads old worker wear
What did you listen to?: ulf lundell, pulp and blur. and dr. dre.
What did you watch?: smash
What did you love?: summer
What did you hate?: everything.
What did you drink?: rather discusting beer. and moonshine.
What did you smoke?: nothing, i had balls.
What did you take?: my bike to school.
What did you want to be?: happy.
Who did you fight?: (i was stupid, remember)
Who/What did you believe in?: not much, i am afraid
Where did you go?: gotland.
What did you learn?: that you never learn. respect!