Who Are You?: Alex
Where Are You?: An office in London
What Are You?: A journalist
What do you make?: Magazines
What do you love?: Pop music, time to myself, pubs, friends, cooking, work, London, my boyfriend
What do you hate?: Cruelty, people wanting to know my business, peas
What do you listen to?: ODB, TLC, PSB, Kevin Rowland, Handsome Boy Modeling School, Carpenters, Walker Brothers, Madonna, Abba, Belle & Sebastian, Velvets, Bowie
What do you watch?: CD:UK, Futurama, Newsnight; my back
What do you drink?: Tea, lager, gin and tonic, cranberry juice, vodka, grapefruit juice, Evian
What do you smoke?: Given up
What do you take?: Most things, more and more often
What do you believe in?: Love

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Leeds
What were you?: A schoolboy
What did you wear?: A Marks & Spencers' suit
What did you listen to?: PSB, New Order, Marc Almond, Propaganda, Madonna, Blondie, Bomb The Bass, The Orb
What did you watch?: Coronation Street, Top Of The Pops, Birds Of A Feather, Dad's Army, Only Fools And Horses
What did you love?: The fact that I was starting to enjoy myself after three years of torture
What did you hate?: Homophobes, racists, rugby lads
What did you drink?: Tea, vodka, coke
What did you smoke?: Nothing
What did you take?: Nothing
What did you want to be?: Editor of Smash Hits
Who did you fight?: My family (but not that often), some people at school (but not that often); my own lack of confidence
Who/What did you believe in?: God; that things would improve
Where did you go?: To the Warehouse and Faversham in Leeds
What did you learn?: Fortune favours the brave