Alexander Hall

Who Are You?: Alexander Hall
Where Are You?: momīs apartment, for the first time in a long time.
What Are You?: just back from The Big Escape.
What do you make?: life into art. art into music. art into anything.
What do you love?: the good people. those who want more.
What do you hate?: mass-pacification. harmony ideology.
What do you listen to?: Chemikal Underground Records... lot of Glasgow stuff. political bands.
What do you watch?: lisaīs beautiful face, every night before i fall asleep.
What do you drink?: vodka & lemonade.
What do you smoke?: whatever people let me... not very often, though.
What do you take?: nothing thatīll make me less aware.
What do you believe in?: the ideologies behind left-wing terrorism.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: in a small swedish village.
What were you?: waiting for The Great Escape.
What did you wear?: anything that made me look like an "alternative kid."
What did you listen to?: weezer, ash, nirvana etc.
What did you watch?: mtv, alternative nation.
What did you love?: not much, sadly enough. music, I guess. and my family.
What did you hate?: myself, and all the things that made me hate myself.
What did you drink?: chocolate milk.
What did you smoke?: nothing.
What did you take?: the bus to/from town every single day.
What did you want to be?: a better person.
Who did you fight?: myself.
Who/What did you believe in?: my heroes, the rockstars.
Where did you go?: towards the future, slowly.
What did you learn?: that i was a talented song-writer.