Who Are You?: amy
Where Are You?: australia
What Are You?: art student
What do you make?: books
What do you love?: books
What do you hate?: weekness
What do you listen to?: japanese and french trip hop
What do you watch?: rollerboogie.
What do you drink?: stellas
What do you smoke?: none
What do you take?: lines
What do you believe in?: magic

When We Were 16

Where were you?: australia
What were you?: student
What did you wear?: skirts
What did you listen to?: english
What did you watch?: rollerboogie
What did you love?: plastic
What did you hate?: lots
What did you drink?: beer
What did you smoke?: all
What did you take?: all
What did you want to be?: everything
Who did you fight?: no one
Who/What did you believe in?: everything
Where did you go?: out
What did you learn?: i got it all wrong and want to be more fashionable