Who Are You?: Anna
Where Are You?: Birmingham
What Are You?: Neurotic Jew
What do you make?: Always make the best of yourself!
What do you love?: Pretentious gubbins, eg deeply deep questionaires
What do you hate?: Big Macs: Heifer whines could be human cries...
What do you listen to?: The list is too big for the box. Lots of stuff. All v. cool
What do you watch?: Trisha.
What do you drink?: Newcastle Brown.
What do you smoke?: cigs
What do you take?: Biscuits from Sainsbury's
What do you believe in?: Truth is uplifted by time.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Crouch End
What were you?: Spotty. Fat. Always single.(Last point perhaps result of first ones) Obsessive Newman and Baddiel fan.
What did you wear?: Holey M&S jumper a la Kurt Cobain
What did you listen to?: Suede and Pulp I am proud to say. Unlike my grunger friends.
What did you watch?: Ricki Lake. Our one sided love affair has since ended.
What did you love?: Rob Newman, Brett Anderson, Bloke from Menswear etc... Was a bit hormonal
What did you hate?: All the blonde girls at school
What did you drink?: Coca cola. Cider
What did you smoke?: Spliff before my mock GCSE's. Very classy
What did you take?: The bus. Haha
What did you want to be?: Translator for the EEC
Who did you fight?: Parents and siblings of course
Who/What did you believe in?: That i was really funny.
Where did you go?: Camden Town. Hooray!
What did you learn?: National Curriculum. And gentlemen prefer blondes.