Andreas Kump

Who Are You?: Andreas Kump
Where Are You?: Linz, Austria / Inner City
What Are You?: Hungry
What do you make?: Music
What do you love?: Books by Sjoewall/Wahloeoe, my lightblue shirt, my records, sunny days in linz, roadmovies, landliebe griespudding etc.
What do you hate?: noise and pollution
What do you listen to?: oh, i listen to anything as long as it`s good. from country & western to jazz and house and odd pop.
What do you watch?: i hardly watch tv. because i only have two channels.
What do you drink?: cocktails! softdrinks. tea.
What do you smoke?: dope
What do you take?: a shower or two
What do you believe in?: i believe that the economic and social situation for common people has to get worse before we can start to react on neoliberalism, which i hate too.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Linz, Austria. Suburbia.
What were you?: A mod.
What did you wear?: Second hand suits, desert boots and (yeak!) a parka!
What did you listen to?: the times. the pastels. les elite. the smiths.
What did you watch?: football.
What did you love?: getting in touch with the world via modernism
What did you hate?: can`t remember
What did you drink?: never alcohol, i guess.
What did you smoke?: nothing
What did you take?: no drugs, if that`s the question
What did you want to be?: a mod for life.
Who did you fight?: school. parents. nazis.
Who/What did you believe in?: that ago might solve one or two problems
Where did you go?: Up to here.
What did you learn?: To express myself without hurting someone else.