Who Are You?: Andy T's webdesigner
Where Are You?: at a desk in Liverpool uk
What Are You?: fat
What do you make?: a mess of most things
What do you love?: companionship
What do you hate?: the love of money
What do you listen to?: matt johnson out of the the
What do you watch?: the internet all day long
What do you drink?: too much bitter and vodka
What do you smoke?: silk cut
What do you take?: too many painkillers, sleeping tablets and anti smoking pills
What do you believe in?: negativity unfortunately

When We Were 16

Where were you?: in a pub called the plough
What were you?: totally bloody clueless
What did you wear?: hahahahaha (oh, thanks for making me remember that old leather trenchcoat)
What did you listen to?: public image limited
What did you watch?: films of monty python and programmes about punk rock
What did you love?: my girlfriend helen (i've now totally lost the capacity to feel that strong about another human)
What did you hate?: anybody male who liked my girlfriend helen
What did you drink?: anything available within scanning range
What did you smoke?: long acrid cigarettes called superkings. foul.
What did you take?: nothing.
What did you want to be?: a pilot
Who did you fight?: every bloke who liked my girlfriend helen
Who/What did you believe in?: everlasting love. immortality.
Where did you go?: behind a disused railway li - ine with morrisey
What did you learn?: d'yknow, i learnt absolutely nothing.