Who Are You?: Anna@life
Where Are You?: Bristol, in my room in a horrible smelly student house
What Are You?: English and Philosophy student with plans. Aspiring goddess.
What do you make?: Love not war - cheese! Pretty songs, confusing stories, nice food. Revolutions maybe one day.
What do you love?: Possibilities, sleep, day time TV, my friends, someone else (he knows who he is)
What do you hate?: Hassle, uptight people, having to get up, not having any money
What do you listen to?: I'll give anything a go, but Radiohead, Dandy Warhols, punk, jazz...
What do you watch?: The world go by, Richard and Judy, Simpsons, Countdown, trash
What do you drink?: Bloody Mary, Gin and Tonic, red wine, beer of any form, meths...
What do you smoke?: Marlboro Lights, cutters choice - too much and too often
What do you take?: But surely Big Brother is watching?
What do you believe in?: Nothing except the future

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Hereford, in the mud
What were you?: Miserable, angsty, shy schoolgirl
What did you wear?: Black
What did you listen to?: Manic Street Preachers, Strangelove, any one who made a loud angry noise
What did you watch?: The walls and the clock. Neighbours
What did you love?: Nail varnish, Brian Molko, vodka, self-pity and silver jewellery.
What did you hate?: Life and myself
What did you drink?: Vodka
What did you smoke?: Cutters choice
What did you take?: Anything I could get my hands on
What did you want to be?: Dead/prettier, cleverer, more popular, thinner
Who did you fight?: Bitchy slappers in my school
Who/What did you believe in?: Richey Manic, peace, Dostoyevsky
Where did you go?: Jailhouse (and I thought it was good!), school, my room
What did you learn?: Nothing's worth taking that seriously, but some things matter. Contradictions are good. Have another drink.