Who Are You?: anon
Where Are You?: wales
What Are You?: english
What do you make?: beauty, i hope
What do you love?: beauty and hope
What do you hate?: hopelessness
What do you listen to?: at the moment, leadbelly
What do you watch?: 'Festen' - i taped it last night & have been watching it all day
What do you drink?: southern comfort
What do you smoke?: cutters choice
What do you take?: a little
What do you believe in?: not much except human nature

When We Were 16

Where were you?: wales
What were you?: english
What did you wear?: flares and too much jewellry
What did you listen to?: adam duritz, bob dylan, & neil finn
What did you watch?: shooting stars
What did you love?: my guy, my lovely, lovely guy
What did you hate?: the people who shuted names in the street
What did you drink?: bitter and aftershocks
What did you smoke?: marlboro's
What did you take?: too much
What did you want to be?: a star
Who did you fight?: the bastards
Who/What did you believe in?: me and me only
Where did you go?: not far enough
What did you learn?: not everyone who loves you loves you enough