Who Are You?: A. Thomason
Where Are You?: Chattanooga, home
What Are You?: A student, a cool person.
What do you make?: Music compilations with my CD burner to enlighten my friends.
What do you love?: My Girl, My Music.
What do you hate?: Nouveau riche, Billboard, MTV, Rolling Stone magazine,...
What do you listen to?: Nick Drake, Shack (and all of Mick Head's incarnations), The Beatles, etc.
What do you watch?: Discovery, Comedy Central, MSNBC, cartoons.
What do you drink?: Guiness, Harp, nothing American or German.
What do you smoke?: An Occasional cigar.
What do you take?: No shit.
What do you believe in?: Myself

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Tunnel Hill, home
What were you?: High School troglodyte
What did you wear?: t-shirts, jeans, tennis shoes.
What did you listen to?: The Beatles, movie soundtracks (symphonic).
What did you watch?: Movies, boring prime time shows, girls walk past me without noticing me.
What did you love?: My Dad, he died in 1994, very unfair.
What did you hate?: school, not having a car.
What did you drink?: Coke, IBC, teas.
What did you smoke?: Nada.
What did you take?: Too much from too many people.
What did you want to be?: A musician.
Who did you fight?: The system, but I was mostly spineless.
Who/What did you believe in?: My local church pastor, very understanding.
Where did you go?: Nowhere, it was a small town, not much oppertunity.
What did you learn?: Be true to thine own self.