australian female

Who Are You?: A female who still doesn't feel that she's a grown up (and doubts she ever will)
Where Are You?: Melbourne, Australia
What Are You?: Having a fine time
What do you make?: clothes, food, conversation, a fool of myself
What do you love?: music, books, food, cats, rain, paint, textiles, strolling about
What do you hate?: sport, sun, heat, violence
What do you listen to?: Today? Blackeyed Susans, Triffids, Nancy Sinatra, Gene Pitney, Clash, Gang Of Four, Kraftwerk
What do you watch?: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, the inside of my eyelids, the city
What do you drink?: Lots of milk
What do you smoke?: Nothing much
What do you take?: Food and coffee
What do you believe in?: Everyone is good (except for the bad ones)

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Perth, Australia
What were you?: Angsty in an enjoyable way
What did you wear?: Op shop clothes, homemade clothes, black things and my school uniform
What did you listen to?: Birthday Party, Clash, Jam, Specials, Beat, Kraftwerk, Caberet Voltaire, Orange Juice, Teardrop Explodes, A Certain Ratio
What did you watch?: Nothing much
What did you love?: music, books, music, books, music, books, clothes.
What did you hate?: school, the sun, the summer, the city
What did you drink?: water
What did you smoke?: nothing
What did you take?: the evening air and books
What did you want to be?: grown up and out of there
Who did you fight?: myself and imaginary people
Who/What did you believe in?: that music and books would make me feel better, that life would get better, that I would have more control over things one day
Where did you go?: into books and records
What did you learn?: That I was right - life gets better, and books and music really do help