Who Are You?: brendan
Where Are You?: new york
What Are You?: a boy
What do you make?: music and thoughts
What do you love?: my family, my bed, breakfast cereal
What do you hate?: people who say "hate is such a powerful word, can't you just say that you 'don't like something'"? I also hate the people who made car windows only go half way down in the back
What do you listen to?: wicked farleys, phish, the smiths, bright eyes, pedro the lion, photek, modest mouse, etc.
What do you watch?: faces. I love to stare
What do you drink?: tea, milk, water
What do you smoke?: Bali Shag rolled in green Rizlas. I'll smoke American Spirit if I don't have any Bali
What do you take?: THC: for all stomach problems, headache, depression, as a sleeping aid, to bring laughter, to become hungry, to bond with others, to feel rad, to feel relaxed, and of course to cure boredom
What do you believe in?: not sure anymore

When We Were 16

Where were you?: boston
What were you?: an ambitious kid with no motivation
What did you wear?: anything I could find for less than $2.99 at local thrift shops
What did you listen to?: pixies
What did you watch?: the a-team, red sox and cartoons
What did you love?: my family, my bed
What did you hate?: my family
What did you drink?: whatever was in the keg
What did you smoke?: pot
What did you take?: nothing
What did you want to be?: teacher
Who did you fight?: I am a peace loving boy
Who/What did you believe in?: never god, always myself
Where did you go?: vassar college
What did you learn?: everything. but utilized none of it