Who Are You?: BRGR
Where Are You?: SD,CA
What Are You?: Hung over
What do you make?: Dark visuals and renderings
What do you love?: Coffee, Espresso, Apple Juice, Geometry, Squares, Circles, acrylics, Diamanda Gallas, and everything lovely.
What do you hate?: Traffic, the Internet, love ballads, surfers, and Huey Louis.
What do you listen to?: Godspeed you black emporer!, Black Heart Procession, Pinback, Physics, Bad Livers, etc.
What do you watch?: life, no television, NBA and NCAA basketball at a friends house
What do you drink?: Car Bombs & Samuel Adams & water & tea
What do you smoke?: zero
What do you take?: long walks
What do you believe in?: life on earth

When We Were 16

Where were you?: skateboarding
What were you?: sixteen
What did you wear?: t-shirts and jeans
What did you listen to?: hardcore & punk rock
What did you watch?: skate videos
What did you love?: honeys
What did you hate?: citizens
What did you drink?: soda
What did you smoke?: zero
What did you take?: an english class, math, and some art classes
What did you want to be?: alive
Who did you fight?: the baseball team
Who/What did you believe in?: friends
Where did you go?: downtown
What did you learn?: the meaning of life