Who Are You?: I am a burnout, an artist that hates art. I am the normality of nothing.
Where Are You?: In the center of a magnetic vortex, that brings everyone back, no matter how hard they try to get away.
What Are You?: I am nothing, because i can no longer remember what things make up who i am.
What do you make?: I make art, and trouble, in the opposite order
What do you love?: I love to sleep. I love to escape.
What do you hate?: I hate people, I hate art.
What do you listen to?: I listen to the annoying voice in my head that keeps me from doing what i love most, sleep.
What do you watch?: I watch all t.v. and then i watch people.
What do you drink?: I drink as little as possible.
What do you smoke?: I smoke the burning metal under my torch.
What do you take?: I take everyones pain, and junk.
What do you believe in?: I believe in karma.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: in yet another unescapable place, yet a prettier one by the see, what others still refer to as hell.
What were you?: I was the girl everyone feared and that everyone ignored.
What did you wear?: I wore pinks one day, and blacks the next, I was confused.
What did you listen to?: I listened to smashing pumpkins and tried to tune out my mother.
What did you watch?: I watched my life get worse.
What did you love?: I love a boy who ran away to the navy but never really went, and i was the last to know.
What did you hate?: even then i hated people. always have.
What did you drink?: tofu.
What did you smoke?: tea bags.
What did you take?: lots of pain medication.
What did you want to be?: I wanted to be a writer. but i settled for being an artist.
Who did you fight?: I fought everyone, myself, my mother, my cats.
Who/What did you believe in?: I believed in evil. I believed in the sving powers of death.
Where did you go?: I went back to the begining
What did you learn?: I learned nothing.