Who Are You?: carey
Where Are You?: maidstone, at the computer after work
What Are You?: drunk, tired, lonely
What do you make?: confusion, disasters, tea
What do you love?: music and books and belle and sebastian and all the stuff that goes with it and other really predictable things
What do you hate?: work- it's just a part time job because i'm still at's really boring. i work in a conveniance store(onestop community stores and get paid 2.20 an hour.
What do you listen to?: belle and sebastian and their offspring e.g looper. sorry to be so predictable. also paradise motel,mogwai, jeff buckley...
What do you watch?: the moon and the stars, mark thomas comedy product
What do you drink?: liquid
What do you smoke?: nothing- it's expensive and bad for you
What do you take?: whatever life throws at me, man
What do you believe in?: god, music, love

When We Were 16

Where were you?: here. how depressing
What were you?: maybe even more pathetic than i am now. a year 11. a big radiohead fan.
What did you wear?: clothes mostly. god my sense of humour is amazing. radiohead t shirts and combats(until everyone else did-i'm so unique}. i'm only 17 now
What did you listen to?: radiohead, belle and sebastian, manics, mogwai,strangelove- the radio, whatever, i haven't got the most sensational taste in music or anything
What did you watch?: tv, videos
What did you love?: music, sleep, being at home
What did you hate?: school, my friends, everything
What did you drink?: nothing exiting
What did you smoke?: nothing
What did you take?: i don't do drugs all my friends are on their holidays
What did you want to be?: not too sure.
Who did you fight?: people who slagged off the music i liked for no good reasone.g '' it all sounds ths same''. no it doesn't you fool.
Who/What did you believe in?: god, belle and sebastian, love, music, a lot i suppose
Where did you go?: to school. home.
What did you learn?: english, maths, science, french, music,RE, drama, the guitar and the bass-well i taught myself. ihate pop and i love music