Catherine Insch

Who Are You?: Catherine Insch
Where Are You?: Hmm Australia Brisbane or hell
What Are You?: I am Female
What do you make?: Nice cello noices
What do you love?: Chris
What do you hate?: School teachers
What do you listen to?: lots of things
What do you watch?: oh not much the bill
What do you drink?: orange Juice
What do you smoke?: kents
What do you take?: bubble baths
What do you believe in?: micheal's next door neighbour

When We Were 16

Where were you?: N/a I'm 15
What were you?: as above
What did you wear?: as above
What did you listen to?: as above
What did you watch?: as above
What did you love?: ditto
What did you hate?: ditto
What did you drink?: ditto
What did you smoke?: ditto
What did you take?: ditto
What did you want to be?: ditto
Who did you fight?: ditto
Who/What did you believe in?: ditto
Where did you go?: ditto
What did you learn?: ditto