Who Are You?: They call me "".
Where Are You?: In the Belly of the Beast (an office cubicle in a building on Madison Avenue in NYC).
What Are You?: Homo sapiens sapiens, whatever that means at this point.
What do you make?: Stories, poems, a great deal of noise and racket inside my cranium.
What do you love?: The future, in the belief it could be something different from and much better than today. Fragmets of the past. People who are connected with the world. Stories and poems that blow my mind, knock me into another world. Mahler symphonies. My upcoming trip to Amsterdam.
What do you hate?: Detachment, alienation and other ailments I'm in the throes of. Ultra-competitive people; closed-minded, intolerant people.
What do you listen to?: Lately, in the pop dept: Belle & Sebastian, Magnetic Fields. In general, any dead Germans (Bach, Haydn, Brahms, Mahler, those guys).
What do you watch?: The other day, Taxi Driver, twice in row. Movies in general. American Beauty. Also Antiques Roadshow, The Simpsons. But otherwise not much TV, because TV is Evil.
What do you drink?: Coffee, beer, tap water. When I can get one, a stiff Bloody Mary with lots of celery, fresh garlic & lawn mulch.
What do you smoke?: Merit Ultralights, occasional grass. Do bus fumes count?
What do you take?: What, like speed and smack and Vitamin C? Nothing.
What do you believe in?: Strange mystical half-glimpsed apprehensions of an ineffable Something. The fact that we are here, and that most of us have no idea why. The fact that we're going to die. The fact that life can be good.

When We Were 16

Where were you?: Draper, Utah.
What were you?: An alienated outsider who couldn't believe he was in Draper, Utah.
What did you wear?: Elephant bell cords and collarless cotton shirts from Pakistan. Ill-fitting Frye boots from Sears. Other stylish attire.
What did you listen to?: Led Zeppelin, Elvis Costello, Blondie, Closh, Beatles, Stones, Jefferson Airplane.
What did you watch?: British stuff they showed on PBS - Monty Python and the BBC Shakespeare plays. I saw Helen Mirren do Rosalind in "As You Like It" a half dozen times, and had a thing about her. Still do.
What did you love?: Performing Shakespeare in my drama class; doing school plays (To Kill a Mockingbird, Oklahoma). Riding my bike. Being perceived as different, mysterious, exotic & weird, which was easy to do in Utah in 1979.
What did you hate?: Mormons. My dad.
What did you drink?: Soda pop, cola, coffee, tea. Then one night, a half a bottle of bourbon. Nearly killed me.
What did you smoke?: Occassional grass.
What did you take?: Nothing.
What did you want to be?: An actor maybe, or an artist. I really wasn't sure.
Who did you fight?: Mormons, my dad.
Who/What did you believe in?: I believed in this warm peaceful glow I found within myself when meditating; I suppose I thought that was what the universe was like, underneath it all. I also believed in Shakespeare and Iggy Pop.
Where did you go?: To Rhode Island, then to Washington State, then to New York City. Avenue C.
What did you learn?: Oh, a lot of things. I read a lot of books and learned they don't mean shit, per se.